a somewhat less short long-distance walk

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St Bega's Way Back is a 50 mile (80km) walk through the magnificent scenery of the English Lake District from St Bega's Church by Bassenthwaite Lake to the Norman Priory of St Mary and St Bega at St Bees on the west Cumbrian coast.

St Bega's Way Back follows a completely different route to St Bega's Way. It is not only longer and a bit tougher, but follows much less well-trodden paths through less frequented terrain.

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Ros Downing planned and researched the route of St Bega's Way Back and wrote the 40 page guide. Eileen Bell illustrated the booklet with delightful pen and ink drawings. Like St Bega's Way, St Bega's Way Back is sold in aid of Bassenthwaite Church funds and can be obtained from a number of outlets in and around Bassenthwaite or by post.

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